About The Blog

Unicorns don’t have claws but imagine if they did. Not only would they be beautiful, majestic, legendary creatures kicking ass with a big horn, but also tearing their enemy to pieces with sharp, pointy, glitter-clad rainbow talons! This is how I see defenders and lovers of humanity, and ergo, myself.

I have created this blog to share what I find through my adventures rummaging through the vast abyss of the internet – articles, opinions, other blogs, memes and other treasures focusing on issues of social (in)equality; and quite possibly the odd unicorn image or over-shared cat video.

You can expect topics including but not limited to: Feminism, sexism, patriarchy, privilege, chauvinism, sexual and domestic abuse, rape and rape culture, ageism, ableism, slut shaming, objectification, pro-choice vs pro-life, body image, labia love, eating disorders, mental health, mental illness, tattoo culture, the LGBTQI community, HIV stigma, racism, asylum seekers, refugees, cyberbullying, trolling, religion, education and free media.

While I do welcome comments, counter opinions, and constructive debate I WILL NOT tolerate abuse, trolling, bullying or hate in any form. Anything resembling this will be removed immediately and users banned from all media platforms associated with me.
About Me

I am Shannon Darby. In my early 30’s, living in Brisbane, Australia and dreaming of the Meditaranian Sea. I’ve had a crazy life which has shaped some rather passionate opinions which I wish to share with the world because despite being a rather unique individual, I think (perhaps conceitedly) other people may share them, or will at least be interested in hearing. I am not a high achieving academic, I am not the best writer in the world, and I am certainly not always right.

I am an artist of many mediums,  a nerd, self-critical and at times quite unpredictable (thank you anxiety and depression). I’ve suffered addictions, and people willing to take advantage of them. I’ve been extremely religious but am now a self-confessed ‘born again’ atheist who thinks faith is beautiful and envy those who have it. I have a penchant for 90’s music, French food and spiced rum. I squeal in happiness when I see baby animals, any cat, and hear the Doctor Who theme song. I am a cis woman and I best describe my sexuality as queer. I am a carnivore who would probably die without bacon but am in constant struggle with animal product ethics. I am an advocate of kindness.

I am woman, and I do most certainly roar.



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