What The Eff Is This Place?

Blog post number one! OMG! How exciting!

To kick things off I am simply sharing my ‘About’ page info just to give everyone who is too lazy to click on it an idea of what’s going on here. If you are reading this, please feel free to share it around and if you feel so inclined, you can connect with my facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/unicornclaws

About The Blog

Unicorns don’t have claws but imagine if they did. Not only would they be beautiful, majestic, legendary creatures kicking ass with a big horn, but also tearing their enemy to pieces with sharp, pointy, glitter-clad rainbow talons! This is how I see defenders and lovers of humanity, and ergo, myself.

I have created this blog to share what I find through my adventures rummaging through the vast abyss of the internet – articles, opinions, other blogs, memes and other treasures focusing on issues of social (in)equality; and quite possibly the odd unicorn image or over-shared cat video.

You can expect topics including but not limited to: Feminism, sexism, patriarchy, privilege, chauvinism, sexual and domestic abuse, rape and rape culture, ageism, ableism, slut shaming, objectification, pro-choice vs pro-life, body image, labia love, eating disorders, mental health, mental illness, tattoo culture, the LGBTQI community, HIV stigma, racism, asylum seekers, refugees, cyberbullying, trolling, religion, education and free media.

While I do welcome comments, counter opinions, and constructive debate I WILL NOT tolerate abuse, trolling, bullying or hate in any form. Anything resembling this will be removed immediately and users banned from all media platforms associated with me.
About Me

I am Shannon Darby. In my early 30’s, living in Brisbane, Australia and dreaming of the Meditaranian Sea. I’ve had a crazy life which has shaped some rather passionate opinions which I wish to share with the world because despite being a rather unique individual, I think (perhaps conceitedly) other people may share them, or will at least be interested in hearing. I am not a high achieving academic, I am not the best writer in the world, and I am certainly not always right.

I am an artist of many mediums, a nerd, self-critical and at times quite unpredictable (thank you anxiety and depression). I’ve suffered addictions, and people willing to take advantage of them. I’ve been extremely religious but am now a self-confessed ‘born again’ atheist who thinks faith is beautiful and envy those who have it. I have a penchant for 90’s music, French food and spiced rum. I squeal in happiness when I see baby animals, any cat, and hear the Doctor Who theme song. I am a cis woman and I best describe my sexuality as queer. I am a carnivore who would probably die without bacon but am in constant struggle with animal product ethics. I am an advocate of kindness.

I am woman, and I do most certainly roar.


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